Atlantic Garden Organic Compost

Our 100% organic compost is free from any nasties, and contains only two ingredients. 80% leaves, stems, grass cuttings and sticks from the Scottish lowlands. 20% seaweed from the Scottish coastline

We shred and compost these two natural ingredients before forming composting windrows, which are turned periodically to aerate for a period of 180 days.

Simple. Seaweed-enriched superfood for your garden.

Benefits of seaweed compost for your garden

Seaweed is a superfood for your garden. Something traditional gardeners have known for generations. It boasts a long list of benefits:

Seaweed is packed with essential nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and various trace minerals. Seaweed compost provides these nutrients in a form that is readily available to plants, promoting healthy growth and development.

Organic matter addition
Seaweed compost adds organic matter to the soil, improving soil structure, increasing water retention, and enhancing nutrient-holding capacity. This fosters a healthy soil environment which is ideal for beneficial microorganisms and plant roots.

Environmental sustainability
Seaweed compost is a sustainable bio-stimulant because it is derived from a renewable resource—seaweed harvested from the ocean. Its production typically has next to no environmental impact compared to synthetic bio stimulants, which can contribute to pollution and soil degradation.

Stress tolerance
Seaweed compost contains natural compounds that can help plants tolerate environmental stressors such as drought, heat, cold, and disease. It enhances plant resilience and promotes healthier, more robust growth.

Reduced chemical inputs
Using seaweed compost reduces the need for synthetic bio stimulants and chemical inputs in gardening and agriculture. This not only minimises environmental pollution but also helps build soil health over time.

pH buffering
Seaweed compost as a liming alternative can help buffer soil pH, making it more stable and conducive to optimal plant growth. This is especially beneficial in acidic soils where pH fluctuations can affect nutrient availability.

Enhanced crop quality
Regular use of seaweed compost can improve the quality of crops by enhancing flavour, nutrient content, and shelf life. It can also lead to increased yields and improved flowering and fruiting.

Overall, the use of seaweed compost offers numerous benefits for soil health, plant growth, and environmental sustainability.

Protecting our environment

No peat AND no plastic in any aspect of our packaging. Not only the bags which contain our compost but even the tape and Atlantic Garden label on our overnight delivery boxes can be home composted! A world’s first. And delivery is free, unless you live in the remotest parts of the UK.

Guy and his team at Atlantic Garden are incredibly proud to be the world’s first compost producer to completely remove the use of plastics.

Did you know that each year gardeners get through around 100 million hard-to-recycle plastic bags of compost – let’s be the change!

Atlantic Garden compost packaging is 100% compostable within 180 days.


Supporting The Scottish Coastal Clean-Up Charity

Every bag purchased triggers a donation to the Scottish Coastal Clean-up Charity, helping us to play a small part in repaying our great debt to the sea. This incredible charity removes tonnes of plastic from Scotland’s beaches, and we thank you for helping to make that happen.