“For twelve years, as a scallop diver, I swam through kelp forests in the pure beautiful waters of the North Atlantic around my home off the coast of the West of Scotland. I used to gather seaweed on the beach beside my house to fertilise a little veggie patch on the Isle of Mull. The results were always wonderful. It got me thinking…”

Guy Grieve, Founder Atlantic Garden

The Atlantic has played a pretty significant role in founder Guy Grieve’s life. From living at sea aboard a boat with his family to working as a scallop diver for 12 years running the Ethical Shellfish Company in the waters surrounding his former island home on Mull.

As a scallop diver many of his dives would end up in the shallows as he spun out the last of his air. And often he would find himself swimming through kelp forests, quite literally, as the sun set. These beautiful and mysterious underwater forests left a profound impression upon him, which he has never forgotten.

Twinned with his love of the Atlantic, gardening has always been a passion, especially when it comes to his veggie patch. And so he founded Atlantic Garden, motivated by these two loves; the sea and gardens.

Scotland’s best known hunter gatherer, Guy Grieve, has appeared in multiple TV shows including Channel 4’s The Wild Gourmets and the Discovery Channel’s The Hunger: Death Race. Guy is the author of two books: Call of the Wild and Sea Legs.