Organic Peat Free Seaweed Enriched Compost (40 litres)


Organic seaweed-enriched, soil improving compost, containing 20% Scottish seaweed in 100% compostable packaging and free delivery!*

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Enriched with organic seaweed gathered from the nutrient-rich waters of the Scottish coastline, this compost is high performing for the most discerning gardeners – the nutrients and minerals present are proven to deliver a range of benefits, including:

Deeper and stronger root growth

Faster-growing, healthier and hardier plants

Tastier fruit and vegetables with a longer shelf-life

Improved water retention enabling less frequent watering

All gardeners will have experienced that deep-down happy feeling of spreading out or digging in a rich, luscious compost, and we are no different – in fact it’s safe to say that we are actually obsessed by our lovingly blended and rich seaweed enriched compost (and all things seaweed). Our Atlantic Garden compost is so luscious it’s almost a shame we can’t eat it!


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Our Background

“For twelve years, as a scallop diver, I swam through Kelp forests in the pure beautiful waters of the North Atlantic around my home off the coast of the West of Scotland. I used to gather seaweed on the beach beside my house to fertilise a little veggie patch on the Isle of Mull. The results were always wonderful. It got me thinking…”

Guy Grieve, Founder Atlantic Garden